Hello Linux, Goodbye Windows

Hello Linux, Goodbye Windows

Substitute your old Windows PC's with a Linux computer. A quick and fast method to get your old PC back to life.

I had an old PC (32-bit and 2GB RAM) which had Windows 7 on it. The PC was slow and used to take a lot of time to load anything that required some computational power.

What Was The Idea?

The idea was to replace Windows 7 with a more secure OS as upgrading the Windows version would have been difficult.

Which OS?

To select the OS at first I decided to go with Zorin lite which has 32 bit support. After flashing my USB and booting it up, everything functioned perfectly until the install button was clicked.

After nearly 4 tries and even being connected on a reasonable 50Mbps speed the installation did not continue and the installer always got hung at the Install updates while installing Zorin screen.

This led me to finally conclude that Zorin OS may not be compatible with the PC I have.

After a little research and finding I struck gold when I found a good alternative to the Windows 7 environment - Q4OS. At first I was skeptical about this too but it worked wonders.

About Q4OS's Installation Process

It started with a blank blue screen which did scare me at first. Later the installation had 2 options Manual and Automatic. As I always have believed that manual is always preferable as one gets to chose what they require and don't require.

After selecting manual, a few more steps later and after around 10 minutes I managed to clean the disk that had Windows on it and substitute it with Q4OS.

There would be some issues during the installation for example the screen may just get frozen at a blue screen but after a few minutes the installation resumes normally.


In conclusion Q4OS is a good alternative for PC's that cannot run Windows higher than 7. This OS can be used to bring old PC's back to life. Lastly Q4OS is an operating system based on Debian.