Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge

De-bloat and customize your Android phone using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Android Debug Bridge also known as ADB is used by developers to debug their applications on Android. This with a little tack of handling a terminal line is all what is required to improvise your experience on Android. To address the fear of losing data on Android: your data would be safe there is literally nothing to worry while using this if you stick to the instructions.

In this article you would not find steps but instead you will find links to trustworthy articles that have already plenty of information with steps.

Installing ADB

You can easily install ADB on Linux, Windows and MacOS. This article covers the whole installation process for all the OSes.

De-bloating Android

Most of the Android device manufacturers pre-install a lot of apps which are unnecessary to most of the users. Many of the pre-installed apps cannot uninstalled by default. For example Facebook and Netflix on Samsung cannot be uninstalled.

Here is when ADB comes into the picture. Using ADB you can remove these apps. However if you reset your device or get a major update on your device these apps get installed once again. Once again you can use ADB to remove these apps again.

This article covers the steps to get rid of bloatware from your Android.

Caution - Do not uninstall everything you like without researching well. For example on Samsung if you uninstall an important software then your phone may not end up booting up too! Research well before uninstalling any system bloatware on Google. There will be many forums answering your doubts. If you however uninstall any component by mistake you can install it again by using the CLI.

Customizing Airplane Mode

Ever noticed that when you enable airplane mode on your Android it disables your wifi, bluetooth etc. I personally find it very irritating as I prefer using airplane mode just to disable mobile network. To disable only mobile networks when airplane mode is enabled, refer to the following article

Final Thoughts

ADB is very useful if you are not afraid to take a dive into the terminal world. The learning curve for this isn't steep and can easily be configured if you just follow the instructions in the articles. Enjoy an improvised Android!